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Home Extension Contracts
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A Home Extension Contract is a Partnering Agreement between two parties usually a building contractor and a home owner for an extension, alteration or conversion to a domestic property.

A Project Bank Account is a separate account that the client owns.
The contractor has no access to it but can 'see' that the money for the project is available and therefore commences work.
The account is solely owned by the client whom has complete control over it.

It lays down the agreement for the works via a set of stipulations that each party must adhere to.

The agreement will remove unwanted risks and enable the relationship to be properly managed.

The links on the left explain how certain aspects of the relationship are managed.

The relationship between contractor and client is confirmed via a Project Bank Account.  The client deposits money in a bank account such that the contractor knows it is there and can then procure materials and other resources to enable the works to be expedited.

In this way the contractor removes the risk of not getting paid and the client gets a cheaper price without paying anything up front.

The use of a Home Extension Contract is simple.  You can fill it in on line, change it, download it and distribute it to as many parties as you wish.  You can open an account, deposit funds and pay the contractor, all via your online account.

To register an account click here.

The Procedure in Easy Steps.

  Step 1 Register an account, fill in the contract and agree the works with the Contractor.  
  Step 2 Activate your online account and deposit half the cost into the Project Bank Account.  
  Step 3 Contractor commences work.  
  Step 4 Client pays the contractor from the bank account.  
Step 5 Client tops up the bank account until the works are complete.
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