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What The Contract Controls:
The Cost of the Project
The Time it Takes
The Quality of the Works
Payment to the Contractor
The Design
What Approvals are Required
Who Insures the Works
Facility/Access Requirements
What Constitutes Completion
After Completion
Changes to the Works

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How it Works

Both the contractor and the client have an account with Home Extension Contracts which monitors the project status.  The project information is shared between both parties in an open book format.  The account details the contract conditions, including the total cost of the works, the completion date and responsibilities for design and approvals.  The account also manages any changes made during the works and shows the payment history.  A Project Bank Account is set up as the mechanism for payments to the contractor from the client.

Contractors can 'see' the money in the Project Bank Account and clients pay the contractor via their account.


  • To see an example of a Clients account click here (opens new tab)
  • To see an example of a Contractors account click here (opens new tab)


Within the account there are mechanisms to log disputes and request feedback and to change any previously agreed conditions or criteria.

Registering for an account is free which allows you to utilise the contract and other features available.  Once you are happy to move into a formal contract with a contractor you then activate your account at which time we set up your Project Bank Account.

Each payment made to the Contractor carries and administration fee of £9.99 inclusive of VAT.

The flowchart below demonstrates the process:


The Construction process will generally be managed in 2 week intervals which corresponds to the payments.  See the stages below for a typical 2 storey side extension.
1 Foundations and drainage
2   Backfill and install ground floor
3   Brick/block and first floor joists
4   Brick/block to roof
5   Roof timbers
6   Roof tiling and gutters
7   Windows, rendering and rainwater pipes
8   Internal - Floor boards, wiring and pipework
9   Internal - Partitions and plastering
10   Internal - Joinery, sanitaryware and decoration


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