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Client Account Details EXAMPLE ONLY

Name Reference Account Status
Client nr 1 87654321  Account Activated example

Client address line 1
Client address line 2    
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The Contract
Fill in the details of your project here.  Click the link below for a simple form which will guide you through entering the contract details.
You can start it, come back later to complete it, change it and create multiple contracts.
The contract can be downloaded to your PC and distributed to Contractors for pricing and subsequent agreement.
Home Extension Contract

Activate My Account
Click the link below to activate your account and request details of your Project Bank Account which will be posted to you.  Your account will be activated immediately.  Once activated you will receive instructions to administer the account.
Activate My Account

Project Balance Sheet
Contractor Payment Status  
Contract Sum (a) £30,000 EXAMPLE ONLY
Total Payments Made to the Contractor (b) £5,000 EXAMPLE ONLY
Remaining Contract Payments (c) = (a-b) £25,000 EXAMPLE ONLY
Note: provisional sums are in addition to the contract sum.  
Project Bank Account  
Balance (d) £15,000 EXAMPLE ONLY
Required Balance (e)* £15,000 EXAMPLE ONLY
Funds Required to be Deposited (f) = (e)-(d) £0 EXAMPLE ONLY
Project Status Project Can Proceed
*required balance is 50% of the contract sum (a) or the remaining contract payments (c) whichever is the smaller.

Payment History EXAMPLE ONLY
Transaction Date Description Payment In Payment Out Balance Contractor Contract Sum Status After Transaction
15 Dec 2017 Payment   £5000 £15000 Contractor £30,000 Project Can Proceed
13 Nov 2017 Deposit £20000   £20000 Contractor £30,000 Project Can Proceed

Make a Payment to the Contractor EXAMPLE ONLY
Amount: £
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Changing, Omitting or Adding Work or Amending the Contract Conditions
You can change, omit or add to any aspect of the works and amend the contract conditions, however some require agreement with the Contractor.  Go to the change register and create a change and submit it to the Contractor and obtain their agreement.
Change Register

If you have a disagreement with the Contractor then this is not necessarily a dispute.  Objective dialogue can resolve most issues and prevention is always better than cure.  However if there is an issue that you cannot resolve a dispute may exist and need resolution.  You should always record your concerns to the Contractor.
Disputes Page

Get in Touch
Click the link below to:
Send a query or ask a question;
Request a change to the Contract form - If you would like a bespoke contract tailored to suit your specific project;
Request bank account details - If you have activated your account but not yet received your project bank account details;
Close your account.
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