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Some of the common questions are answered below, if you would like to ask a different question click here

Q: How safe is the money in the Project Bank Account?

A: The money solely and completely belongs to the client. Nobody other than the client has control of the money and the client can withdraw it at any time.

Home Extension Contracts merely administer the transfer of the money for the convenience of both parties.

The account is protected by the Governments FSCS scheme.

Q: What happens if I withdraw my money and close my account?

A: Your money will be paid back into the account it came from and the Contractor will be informed.

The Contractor may cease work on your project if this happens.

Q: How can I be sure of the total cost of the works?

A: The contractor has to provide the works within the agreed cost. If site conditions are different and an experienced contractor could not have foreseen them, then the contractor maybe entitled to additional costs. 

Q: What if the contractor finishes late?

A: The stage payments cease at the time when the completion date is reached and no more payments are made until completion of the works.  The Contractor is still assured of payment by the money deposited in the Project Bank Account.

Q: What if I change my mind about the the design or the contract conditions?

A: You can alter any of the details of the project as you wish.  Simply fill in the online change form.  Obviously the earlier you implement any changes the better.  If the changes cause any additional costs to the builder this will be added to the contract sum.

Q: How do I pay the contractor?

A: You inform us of the amount via your online account and we release the money to them.

Q: How often is the Contractor paid?

A: Payments are made every 2 weeks.  You can set up stage payments in the contract.

Q: How do I keep track of payments to the Contractor?

A: All payments are logged in the 'Project Balance Sheet'.  Full details of the value, date and any comments are available to view in your account at all times.  The contractor will also be able to see these details.

Q: How do I set up an account?

A: Click "Get Started" above and fill in the online form, you will then be directed to

 your personal account area where you can administer the contract.

Q: How do I engage a contractor?

A: You simply send the contractor(s) the details of your project along with the contract and ask them for a price.  Then agree the price and the contract details.  The contractor will also have a personal account.

Q: Can I use the contract to get a price from the contractor to do everything?

A: Yes, If you want a 'one stop shop' and want the contractor to undertake the design as well as the build, fill in the details on line, download it and send it to the contractors for pricing.

Q: How much does a Home Extension Contract cost?

A: There is a small charge for administering the Contract once the Project Bank Account has been set up.  The costs are shown on the activation page, see also How It Works.  However registration is free, you can use the written Contract, fill it in on line, change it, download it and distribute it to as many parties as you wish, all free. 

Q: Can I change my username and password after I have registered?

A: Yes, log into your account and click 'Amend My Details', you can change all your details there.

Q: What happens if there is a dispute with the Contractor?

A: There are dispute resolution procedures within your account for problems that may arise during the execution of the works.  In this way you are assured of a remedy that is commensurate with the agreed contract.

Q: Can I have a bespoke contract tailored to the specific needs of my project?

A: Yes, log into your account and click 'Get in Touch', you can make a request there.


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