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Contractor Account Details EXAMPLE ONLY

Business Name Reference Status
your business name 12345678 Account Activated example

address line 1
address line 2  
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Home Extension Contract
Click the link below to fill in a blank contract, you can then download it and forward to a client.
Home Extension Contract

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In order to receive payments you will need to activate your account.  Click the link below to go to your activation page.
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Cumulative Financial Status, Showing All Clients
Number of Clients 1 EXAMPLE ONLY
Total Contract Sums (a) £30,000 EXAMPLE ONLY
Total Payments Received from Clients (b) £5,000 EXAMPLE ONLY
Remaining Payments to be Earned (c) = (a-b) £25,000 EXAMPLE ONLY
Total Balances of All Project Bank Accounts £15,000 EXAMPLE ONLY

Clients Name Clients Address Last Payment Project Bank Account Balance Contract Sum Project Status
Client nr 1 example client address 1 £5,000 £15,000 £30,000 Project Can Proceed
Number of Clients: 1
If you have a disagreement with your Client then this is not necessarily a dispute.  Objective dialogue can resolve most issues and prevention is always better than cure.  However if there is an issue that you cannot resolve a dispute may exist and need resolution.  You should always record your concerns to your Client.
Disputes Page
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