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Contractor Account - Clients Details EXAMPLE ONLY

Business Name Reference
your business name 12345678

Clients Name Clients Address Clients Email Address Clients Reference
Client nr 1 Client address 1 client@email.co.uk 87654321

Project Balance Sheet
Contractor Payment Status  
Contract Sum (a) £30,000 EXAMPLE ONLY
Total Payments Received by the Contractor (b) £5,000 EXAMPLE ONLY
Remaining Contract Payments (c) = (a-b) £25,000 EXAMPLE ONLY
Note: provisional sums are in addition to the contract sum.  
Project Bank Account  
Balance (d) £15,000 EXAMPLE ONLY
Required Balance (e)* £15,000 EXAMPLE ONLY
Funds Required to be Deposited (f) = (e)-(d) £0 EXAMPLE ONLY
Project Status
*required balance is 50% of the contract sum (a) or the remaining contract payments (c) whichever is the smaller.

Payment History EXAMPLE ONLY
Transaction Date Description Payment In Payment Out Balance Client Contract Sum Status After Transaction
15 Dec 2017 Payment £5000 £15000 Client nr 1 £30,000 Project Can Proceed
13 Nov 2017 Deposit £20000 £20000 Client nr 1 £30,000 Project Can Proceed

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